Week 2: Handlettering

This week we explored the field of hand lettering. We studied different letters: what do you see? Capital or lower case, ornamented, stylish, playful, crazy, curved, crooked, broken, thin or thick letters? And what kind of feeling do they evoke?

I scribbled and sketched letters, looking at examples and feeling what I saw.

The first exercise was to choose a word of which we didn’t know the meaning and to make an illustration of the feeling of the word. I choose Moonwake, I just loved the sound of it and the expectation of what it could mean.

And then we could look up the word. Moonwake apparently means: the reflection of moonlight in a body of water. Not at all what I expected, but still beautiful!

The bonus assignment was to handletter a quote: Make no mistaeks. And the funny thing is, I accidently made an error: I left out a leaf at the bottom of the page.


The E-course comprised also of one live day with Marenthe. On this day we wrote down our core values and hand lettered one of them. One of my words was ‘Passion’.

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