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Slow Art Party: Taut

This week’s pattern in the Slow Art Party was Taut (tight). We started out with simple brush strokes in watercolor and when the paint had dried we added line drawing to connect the strokes. Taut: […]


Slow Art Party: Fill

Last week’s theme of the Slow Art Party hosted by Amy Maricle was ‘Fill’. I drew along with Amy in the replay of the session. Slow Art Party: Fill I noticed my watercolor lines started to look […]


Slow Art Party: Roe

This week’s natural pattern in the Slow Art Party, hosted by Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio, was Roe. Roe is the ripe eggs of fish and certain marine animals, according to wikipedia. We started […]


Slow Art Party: Through

This week’s theme of the Slow Art Party hosted by Amy Maricle was ‘Through’.


Slow Art Party: Evolve

The theme of one of the last Slow Art Parties hosted by Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio was ‘Evolve’. As I am posting this way later than the session actually took place, I do […]


Week 2: Handlettering

This week we explored the field of hand lettering. We studied different letters: what do you see? Capital or lower case, ornamented, stylish, playful, crazy, curved, crooked, broken, thin or thick letters? And what kind […]