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Slow Art Party: Fill

Last week’s theme of the Slow Art Party hosted by Amy Maricle was ‘Fill’. I drew along with Amy in the replay of the session. Slow Art Party: Fill I noticed my watercolor lines started to look […]


Slow Art Party: Through

This week’s theme of the Slow Art Party hosted by Amy Maricle was ‘Through’.


Slow Art Party: Evolve

The theme of one of the last Slow Art Parties hosted by Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio was ‘Evolve’. As I am posting this way later than the session actually took place, I do […]


Week 2: Handlettering

This week we explored the field of hand lettering. We studied different letters: what do you see? Capital or lower case, ornamented, stylish, playful, crazy, curved, crooked, broken, thin or thick letters? And what kind […]