Slow Art Party: Roe

three green Roe cards

This week’s natural pattern in the Slow Art Party, hosted by Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio, was Roe. Roe is the ripe eggs of fish and certain marine animals, according to wikipedia.

two green and two pink Roe cards

We started out with painting wavy lines in watercolor and when the paint was dry we added circles to it. Amy drew a whole bunch of tiny circles, but I enjoyed filling in the gaps between the lines with bigger circles.

yellow and green Roe

In Slow Drawing we are focusing on process over product, using mindfulness to tune into the moment through art. This is very similar to the process of contemplative photography, the art form which I have practiced for years now. In both practices we start with grounding ourselves, slowing down our pace, listening to our breath, feeling our body. Both practices make me relaxed and give me a sense of joy.

green and pink Roe cards

I enjoyed this pattern so much that I started working on a larger substrate and I made an accordeon book out of it.

Roe accordianbook

It has this undersea feeling to it.

Roe accordianbook II

If you like more mindfulness in your life through art I highly recommend these weekly free online classes by Amy. You don’t have to be a skilled artist, anyone who can draw a line can join.

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