Slow art Party: Spindle

Slow art Party: Spindle

This week’s pattern in the Slow Art Party hosted by Amy Maricle was Spindle. I have to confess I had to look up the meaning of the word. I can’t really recognize it in the pattern. Nevertheless, it was a joy to draw. Amy said she drew her inspiration from a plant in Costa Rica.

Slow art pattern: Spindle on small cards

We started out with painting our small watercolor cards with watercolor paint by making the paper wet and then adding the pigments in the water to see how that responded. The magic of watercolor is that is flows freely where there is water. We added a hint of a second colour in and when the cards were dry we drew the pattern on top.

Slow art pattern: Spindle in my small sketchbook

As usual I also drew the pattern in my small sketchbook which is almost entirely dedicated to the Slow Art Parties. Its paper doesn’t handle watercolors well, so I usually stick to the line drawing.

Amy always encourages us to experiment with the pattern, draw it a hundred times over to make it your own, but I never get round to do that. There are so many things in art that I want to explore. I love my little sketchbook though, as it is filling with all these lovely patterns inspired by nature.

The weekly free Slow Art Parties are hosted by Amy Maricle of Mindful Art Studio.

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