Travel: A trip to the island of Terschelling

Beach entrance on Terschelling

We celebrated the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 on one of the Dutch islands called Terschelling. The islands are located in the north of the Netherlands. On one side they border the North Sea and on the other the ‘Waddenzee’ or Wadden Sea.

View of the town of West-Terschelling

On New Year’s Eve we arrived in the town of West-Terschelling, where the ferry arrives, and the weather was dreadful: overcast, rainy and very windy. In the dark we could hardly find our way to the venue where we would be celebrating the event.

Track patterns in sand
Track patterns in sand

On New Year’ Day it was still very windy, but at least it was dry and we cycled on our rented e-bikes to another village called Midsland which is on the North Sea side of the island. We walked around on the beach and had a cup of tea in the pavilion. I enjoy capturing patterns in the sand as you may have seen in one of my other blog posts.

sandpattern Terschelling
sand pattern
Northsea beach
North Sea beach

The next day was very different: the wind had died down and so every now and then the sun would peep through the clouds. We cycled to the ‘Groene Strand’ or the Green Beach which is located on the Wadden Sea (Waddenzee). With low tide the Wadden Sea will fall dry and in some places you can even walk all the way to the mainland.

Wadden Sea beach at the golden hour
The Green Beach
Wadden landscape I Terschelling

We got there just in time for the ‘golden hour’ and in these pictures you can clearly see what is meant by that: the light temperature gives a golden glow to the landscape.

Wadden landscape
Sunset at the Green Beach, Terschelling

It lasted only a few minutes and then the sun disappeared behind the clouds, which gave another spectacular view at the Wadden Sea.

Cloudscape Terschelling
Cloudscape, Terschelling
Ferry Doeksen to Terschelling

We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the island and even with grey days the skies can be beautiful. Because you travel by boat (a ride of about two hours) you literally feel that you are away from everyday life and its troubles. Terschelling has a lot to offer, but we enjoyed cycling and walking through nature the most.

Grey skies over the Wadden Sea, Terschelling

Be sure to take your camera or phone with you to snap some shots!

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