Travel: Back from Venice, Italy 2023

Last week we came back from the carnival in Venice, Italy and we had a great time. It was our first time after three years when covid started. We’ve been there numerous times now, so what did we do this time?

Dressed up as characters from the Commedia dell'Arte

As usual we posed in costume, for ourselves as well as for others. The theme of our costumes this year was Commedia dell’Arte, an old form of Italian theatre.
Above left to right: Pantalone, Lélio (me), Ottavio, Arlecchina and Silvia. Look here for the original drawings on which we based the designs of our costumes.

I'm giving directions for photoshoot in Venice, Italy
In this image I’m giving directions for our own photo shoot in Venice.
Doing our own photoshoot during the carnival in Venice, Italy
This is one of the photos I took of our goup.
Our group posing on a bridge during the carnival in Venice, Italy
Our group posing on a bridge during the carnival. Photo by nillaaaax.
Our group posing with others during the carnival in Venice, Italy
Our group posing with other costumed people on San Marco square in Venice, Italy. Photo by nillaaaax.
Colourful houses in Venice, Italy
But costuming is not all we did. We also enjoyed walking around town in our regular clothes, appreciating the alleys and colourful houses.
Foggy Fondamenta Nuove in Venice, Italy
We had lots of foggy and overcast days this time around. Above is foggy Fondamenta Nuove close to Ospedale.
Quiet canal with gondolier in Venice, Italy
In this image of a quiet canal with gondolier, you can clearly see the extremely low water level of the canals in Venice.
Derelict house in Venice, Italy
I noticed more derelict houses than before in Venice.
Wall abstract from Venice, Italy
Also, I collected these kind of images: street abstracts,
Old door lock in Venice, Italy
old doors and windows,
Old letter box in Venice, Italy
a few old letter boxes,
Squares and arches from Venice
and patterns (squares and arches pictured above).
Small alley in Venice, Italy
We walked and walked through the small alleys in Venice of which the city has many
Quiet courtyard in Venice, Italy
and discovered little gems like this quiet courtyard.
Salmon coloured textured wall in Venice, Italy
My mission this year was to take photos of coloured textured walls in Venice like this one above.
Beautiful, sunny canal in Venice, iItaly
We had one sunny afternoon while we were there. Immediately the city looks different: the colors are more vibrant
Reflection in a Venetian canal, Italy
and the reflections are a lot more vivid.
My character Lélio in costume during the carnival of Venice, Italy
My character Lélio

I intend to add more themed posts to the blog like I did last time such as: street abstracts, costuming and textured walls.

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