Fodder School October: Fodder Keeper with Tiffany Simply Sharpe

Fodder Keeper lying on the piano

May I present to you my Fodder Keeper! It’s the very first project in Fodder School and a big one at that too. It took me quite a while to finish it, but it was so was worth the time and effort. Tiffany Simply Sharpe taught us how to make this book in which we can store our collage fodder.

Fodder Keeper sitting on the piano

In the first half of the month of October we made collage fodder with Tiffany and the second half of the month was dedicated to making this book. As the book was quite a project, I decided to skip making fodder in November so that I had time to make the fodder keeper.

Fodder Keeper with Tiffany Simply Sharpe
Fodder Keeper seen from above.
Inside pages of my Fodder Keeper
The inside pages of my Fodder Keeper

All those who joined Fodder School ‘signed’ a confidential clausule so I can’t describe how the fodder keeper was made. All I can say is that Tiffany made hers with Manila folders and I with mixed media paper as I don’t have those folders. The size of my book therefore is larger than hers, but I quite like this format.

Page in my Fodder Keeper
Page inside my fodder keeper

Once I filled the book with collage fodder it became quite thick. I also noticed that I probably need more of these books as i still have lots of fodder and will be making a lot more in Fodder School in the next year. Let’s see if I have time to make another one. for now, I’m enjoying having this one. I always have it on hand when I’m creating and it’s a joy flicking through the pages searching for the right image.

See a flip through of my book in the video below.

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