Fodder School December: Making collage fodder with Aimee Bishop

Making collage fodder with Aimee Bishop

In the December class of Fodder School we made a lot of grungy collage fodder with Aimee Bishop. She taught us loads of ways of creating art papers using mark making, stamping and resist techniques.

grungy rectangles ovals and circles
Pile of collage fodder made with Aimee Bishop

I love her techniques, they are simple but very fulfilling. We made our own stencils and stamps from everyday household things like sponges and such.

Lace patterns and stencils
We also used lace and plaster in our fodder.
Dyeing fabrics with Aimee Bishop

She also taught us dyeing fabrics in an easy way, with rust and spices. The results are phenomenal. I like these natural colors.

Dyeing fabrics with Aimee Bishop: rust and avocado
Fabrics dyed with a combination of rust and avocado.
Dyeing fabrics with Aimee Bishop: Hibiscus tea
Fabrics dyed with hibiscus tea.

I didn’t have the exact ingredients Aimee used, so I changed things up a bit.

Dyeing fabrics with Aimee Bishop: turmeric
Fabrics dyed with turmeric.

I have enjoyed these lessons so much, I can’t wait to see what we are going to make with all that fodder.

Avocado dyed fabrics
Avocado dyed fabrics.

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