New downloadable on Etsy: handwritings on French vintage postcards

Vintage postcards from around 1915

Last February I purchased a pack of 100 French vintage postcards from around the 1915s. The front of the postcards are super romantic, on most of them a couple is depicted. The man is offering the girl or woman of his fancy a bunch of flowers, or she just received them, usually the girl has a dreamy look on her face especially when she’s alone in the picture. Some of the cards have a stamp on the front.

Three vintage postcards from around 1915
Three French vintage postcards

But what I found most interesting were the back of the cards, the difference in handwritings are fascinating to me: small, large lettering, bold or fine, straight up or askew, and they were all written by hand with a fountain or dip pen. Even if I could read French I would still have difficulty in reading the text now, handwritings evolve over the years and the styles have changed a lot.

The back of the vintage postcards from around 1915

I digitized the cards because I think they make excellent collage material and they fit in my range of vintage photos and letters. They would be great for using in art journals, scrap books or to make tags with.
See my Etsy shop if you would like to purchase them.

Vintage handwriting I
Vintage handwriting II
Vintage handwriting III
Vintage handwriting IV
Vintage handwriting V

Aren’t they beautiful?

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