Etsy: Printable antique French letters

Antique French Letter 1817

I have a small collection of antique French letters dated from the 19th century. You see, I have this thing for the past and when I came across these handwritten old letters in a small antique shop in The Hague I simply could not resist purchasing them.

antique french letters

There is something mystical about them: these letters were written about 200 years ago. Who wrote them, who read them, what was their relationship, what did their lives look like, did they live long, did they have children, and so forth and so forth. I will never know the answers to all these questions.

antique french letter dated 1849

Anyways, I scanned these letters digitally and put them in my Etsy shop as printables. You could use them in various art projects like art journaling or collage (see photo below).

collage with use of old letter

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