Virtual Art Summit ’23: layering with stencils

Gelli plate pattern with red background and blue shapes

I’ve participated in the Virtual Art Summit 2023 which hosted by Kellee Wynn Studios. She started organizing these summits during the first year of the pandemic, this is the fourth and Kellee’s final year. Kellee’s going to stop organizing the summit as it is a lot of work and she wants to focus on new activities.

Gelli plate pattern with purple background, white flowers and orange curvy shapes

Her class was about layering with stencils on the Gelli plate and then adding doodles with acrylic markers on top. I used a couple of handmade stencils, foam stamps and wooden stamps for my patterns.

Gelli plate pattern with blue background and pinkish flowers

Most of these pages are not done yet, they will need some more layers, except for the one directly above. I think that one is pretty much done. The bottom layers are done with stencils and the flowers are made using foam stamps (images above and below).

Gelli plate pattern with purple and white flowers
Gelli plate pattern with orange background and large white drops

Most prints are done on regular printing paper, the one above is printed on a magazine paper, you can see the text coming through the paint.

Gelli plate pattern with grungy pink background and faint red curvy shapes

The pattern of the red curvy shapes is a bit faint in the print above, but I must say I quite like that certainly in combination with the grungy background.

Gelli plate pattern with green ovals

This print has a combination of a store-bought stencil in the background and a homemade stencil on top (ovals). I like that you can see the botanical shapes in pink.

Gelli plate pattern with coral background and blue paisley

I love the colour contrast of orange and blue in this print. I used a wooden stamp from India for this paisley pattern.

Gelli plate pattern with blue triangles
Gelli plate pattern with blue triangles
Gelli plate pattern with big orange paisley

As I mentioned before most of these papers are not finished and they are not likely to be finished anytime soon. They are great to have on hand for when I am too tired to do anything big, but want to make art anyways.

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