IJmuiden: rust, ropes and fishing nets

IJmuiden harbor, we’ve been there many times and I’ve posted many pictures. Today was a quick trip as my bfbf didn’t feel very well, but it was long enough to snap a few photos with my full frame camera.

Rusty barrel, IJmuiden
Rusty barrel
Blue and white ropes, IJmuiden
Blue and white ropes
Blue, grey and red ropes, IJmuiden
Blue, grey and red ropes
Black hull with yellow chain, IJmuiden
Black hull with yellow chain
Colourful ropes, IJmuiden
Colourful ropes
Green fishing nets, IJmuiden
Green fishing nets
Fishing nets and orange rope, IJmuiden
Fishing nets with black and orange rope
Red and blue ropes, IJmuiden
Red and blue ropes
Black rusty hull, IJmuiden
Black rusty hull
Teal coloured dumpster, IJmuiden
Teal coloured dumpster

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