IJmuiden: ropes and fishing nets

pile of ropes and nets
pile of ropes and nets

We like to vist to the harbor of IJmuiden, I’ve shared this often on my blog. On a weekday such as today there is a lot of activity going on and when we’re lucky there are piles of ropes and fishing nets on the dock. The picture above is a partial view of three of those piles.

pink and green ropes

What I like to do when I see those piles of nets and ropes is to wander around and see what resonates with me. I seldom take a picture of the piles themselves like I did now, I like looking at the details, at the play of the lines and colors, the entanglement.

green and pink rope with rusty lock

In the image above I appreciate the colors and the element of rust, which gives it a bit of a rough edge.

red and white nets

This image has a bright pop of red and a tiny bit of blue. The patterns of the fishing nets are clearly visible.

white ropes

What I like about this picture is the monochromatic feel and the tiny pops of colour in the front rope.

yellow and black rope

This must be my favorite: I like the semi-order it reflects, all the ropes and nets are tied together tightly and I love the pops of red.

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