black tree and fog

It was a foggy day today. That doesn’t happen often in the Netherlands, so I went out for a photowalk on my lunchbreak and I found the fog enchanting!

branches in fog

Especially when you are in nature. I wasn’t though, I was merely taking a walk around campus, but there are a lot of trees in the area.

fog trees and water

I noticed that sounds were muffled in the fog, the world was quieter. And there was no wind.
Did you notice it, too?

branch and reflection in fog

You don’t have to go very far to notice these things, it’s already there, just around the corner. You just have to slow down, stand still for a moment and to open your eyes. Literally.

funny branch in fog

What I also like about this season is that you can see the lines of the branches clearly now, as they have no leaves. Some branches are really funky, like the one below.

funky branch

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