Autumn leaves

red trees

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year! All those pretty, warm colours of the leaves before they fall down on the ground and leave the trees bare until next Spring. I am so into yellows, oranges, reds, browns and the mixtures that happen naturally.

red vine on house

You don’t have to walk far to see this, this colourful balcony for example was just around the corner from my house and I live in the city.

red and yellow vine

And this wall covered with colorful ivy was right in my street.

red and yellow tree
red leaves on a red wall
coloured leaves at the fence
autumn leaves

I’ve always photographed this season as I love the turning of the leaves, but this time I was looking at it a little differently. I just signed up for Fodder School and in the second lesson we learned how to paint leaves with watercolours. I started noticing the shapes of the leaves, whereas beforehand I was focussing more on the colours.

autumn leaves

The pictured selection of fallen leaves is not mind-blowing and there are lots of other shapes to be found, but I saw these close-by my home.

watercolour leaves

These are the aforementioned watercolour leaves, they were such fun to make! I used some simple leaf shapes, painted them in different colours, added salt and splatter to add texture and put some line drawing in black, gold and white on top. I cut them out so I can use them in different projects. Fodder School calls it ‘collage fodder’.
How about you, do you like Autumn, do you appreciate all the lovely colours of this season?

more watercolour leaves

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