Etsy: Rust patina printable

Rust patina printable

I just added a new digital paper pack in my shop: Rust patina printable. Over the years I’ve captured so many rusty surfaces with my camera that I decided I could list some of them in my shop as collage papers. These photos don’t have an interesting composition, they are simply focused on rust patina. You can them print out and tear or cut them into pieces for mixed media projects, collages. You could also use the images digitally on a website.

black surface with rust
Black surface with rust
blue surface with rust
Blue surface with rust
teal surface with rusty dots
Teal surface with rusty dots
rusty scratches on blue suface
Rusty scratches on a blue and white suface
green surface with rust
Green surface with rust
teal surface with rust
Teal surface with rusty marks
rusty and white surface
Rusty and white surface
rusty and blue surface
Rusty and blue surface
very rusty surface
Very rusty surface
drp rusty textures on surface
Rusty textures on surface

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