Slow Art Party: Wrack

drp Wrack in sketchbook

This week’s theme for the Slow Art Party was Wrack. Wrack is a kind of seaweed, it’s the kind that washes up the shores of the Netherlands frequently so this was a pattern that was quite appealing to me.

Using Wrack in my sketchbook

What we usually do during this Slow Art Parties is, after a meditation, drawing the pattern that Amy suggests on several cards, the cards are a few inches tall and wide. Because the cards are so small it is a low pressure activity: if you’re not happy with one card you go on to the next. Also important: making a bunch of a certain pattern gives room for playing and exploring. In this case I haven’t done that, the cards shown were only created during the session with Amy.

drp inchies of Wrack
Inchies of Wrack

If there is enough time left in the live session, we have the possibility to colour the cards in. To me, that brings them to life.
In the first pictures you see that I pasted a couple of Wrack inchies in my sketchbook. The vertical stripes of watercolours were already in my sketchbook from the while ago and I just added the inchies, because the colours match beautifully.

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