Sketchbook tour

DRP Art journal spread with painted leaves and drips

I just flicked through my blogposts and noticed that I haven’t done a sketchbook tour in ages so about it’s high time I showed one. This is a non-sewn art journal I made in the end of 2019 (!) and the last spread in it I finished at the end of January 2021. I work in multiple art journals simultaneously: that gives me a lot of freedom to choose in which format I would like to work, but the downside is that it takes a long time to fill one up.

DRP four artjournal spreads with text

For those of you who are not familiar with the term ‘art journal’: it’s like a written journal but instead of using words and sentences, the person expresses him- or herself through art (usually a lot of different media are used, which is called mixed media).

DRP Artjournal spread Cottonballs in my head
Cottonballs in my head

I use a lot of different styles in my art journals and in that sense I might not have found my artistic voice yet. That is the good thing about social media: there is always lots of inspiration. It’s also something to be careful about, I tend to sway from left to right to middle, but looking at all these entries together I see one common denominator: messy pages.

DRP Artjournal spread Secretary Day
Secretary Day
DRP Art journal spread with a big flower and arches
Big flower and arches
DRP Art journal spread with circles and dots
Circles and dots
DRP Art journal spread Freedom always
Freedom always
DRP Art journal spread with big flower doodles and arches
Big flower doodles and arches
DRP Art journal spread with lotus flower
DRP Art journal spread about curfew
DRP Art journal spread with lots of patterns
Pattern galore
DRP four artjournal spreads
Four artjournal spreads
DRP Front cover of non-sewn art journal
Front cover of the non-sewn art journal

I hope you enjoyed this little tour!

The book was made according to a tutorial by Dina Wakley, which was part of a series of free tutorials (The Living Studio: Handmade Art Journal with Dina Wakley) on the website of Jeanne Oliver.

I made a little video over on YouTube, you can watch it here.

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