Vintage haul: old books and lace

Vintage haul: old book, lace and embroidery floss

I visited a friend in the country last weekend and I love to go to the thrift store over there. Thrift stores in Amsterdam and other big cities are no fun anymore as the prices are quite high and all the beautiful stuff is gone in no-time.

Vintage haul: vintage books

Thrifting in the country is much more fun: the prices are really low and you find the most beautiful things like these vintage books above. Books like that will not even hit the shelves of thrift stores in Amsterdam as they will sold off to antique shops.

Vintage lace
Vintage lace

Finding the lace and the embroidery floss made me think of the women who had once possessed them. They were definitely from the area and probably had recently passed away or they were too old to be able to make something with it. The family didn’t see any value in them and so it ended up in the thrift store.

One of the illustrations

I intend to make it to good use. Pretty vintage books like these I like to use for rebound books: I take away the text block which I will use in other projects, fill the covers with a variety of papers and rebind the book, see the picture below.

four rebound journals with signatures
Four rebound journals with different bindings
Four rebound journals with different binding methods.
Rebound journal with two rings

Or I use the covers for a certain project like a specific class so that I have all the loose pages in one place like the book above: the rings hold all the pages nicely together.

Three rebound journals seen from above

In the image above you see three rebound books: the one on the left has two signatures and I nearly finished working in it. The one on the right has also two signatures and is completely finished. The one in the middle is a book for another project and I used the ‘hinge’ method: two loose pieces of paper are stitched together on a strip of paper so that you can actually bind them. The image below shows the middle of the signature so that you can see the strip in the middle. The strip of paper acts as a hinge of a door or window.

The middle of a signature in a rebound book

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