City trip: Botanical garden Amsterdam

During my holidays I went to the Hortus of Amsterdam, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. The ‘Hortus Medicus’ as it was formerly known, was founded in 1636 as a herb garden for doctors and apothecaries. During the summer they extended their opening hours until the evenings for three days a week and as I was taking intensive yoga classes nearby for a week, I decided to visit it on one of these hot evenings.

big leaves of the Victoria cruzaiana

Even though there were not a lot of plants flowering, it was definitely worth a visit, for example seeing the huge leaves of the Victoria cruziana (above) was quite breathtaking.

veins of a leaf of the Victoria cruziana
Veins of a leaf of the Victoria cruziana
cross section Victoria cruziana flower
Cross-section of the Victoria cruziana flower
Entrance of palmtree house
Entrance of palmtree house

The monumental palmtree house dates from 1912, in it I saw many exotic trees that we normally know as houseplants, except that in the greenhouse of the Hortus they had grown meters high.

Traveller's tree
Traveller’s tree or Ravenala madagascariensis Sonn
Leaves of the Traveller's tree
Leaves of the Traveller’s tree
bark of the Encephalartos altenstenii Lehm
The bark of the poisonous Encephalartos altenstenii Lehm or ‘Zamiaceae’
Lacy tree philondendron
Lacy tree philondendron
Austrialian fan palmtree
Austrialian fan palmtree
Japanese banana flower
Japanese banana plant with flower

Read for more information on wikipedia.

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