Day trip: Zuiderzeemuseum

A few houses at the Zuiderzeemuseum

Vacation is over, I am back to work and I can look back on a couple of wonderful weeks with lots of day trips and visits to the beach. One of the day trips was a visit to the outdoor Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen. This museum consists of about 140 original old houses (and a few copies) from villages around the former Zuiderzee. It is divided in 5 neighborhoods constructed around a central village, built according to situations of original villages. You can see the interior of some of these houses, shops and workplaces, people in old folk costume walk around and explain about daily life in older times. Also, the museum offers lots of activities for children.

Zuiderzeemuseum girls in folk costume
Girls in Dutch folk costume of Volendam
Zuiderzeemuseum little boy in folk costume
Little boy in Dutch folk costume of Volendam looking at a pig
windmill in Zuiderzeemuseum
Windmill (Vogelhoeksmolen) from the small town of Hemelum
Old door with letterbox in Zuiderzeemuseum
Old door with letterbox
Old door handle in Zuiderzeemuseum
Old door handle
Zuiderzeemuseum woman in Dutch folk costume
Woman in Dutch folk costume (Urk)
Laundry drying in Zuiderzeemuseum
Laundry drying in the shade
Zuiderzeemuseum interior old butcher's shop
Interior of an old butcher’ s shop
Old advertisements of coffee and washing powder
Old enamel advertisements of coffee and washing powder
Zuiderzeemuseum old village and church steeple
View of the old centre with church steeple
Zuiderzeemuseum shipyard from Marken and fishing nets
Shipyard ‘ de Hoop’ from Marken
Zuiderzeemuseum reflected fishing boats
Reflection of fishing boats
Zuiderzeemuseum candy shop entrance
Entrance of a candy shop
Zuiderzeemuseum house interior with teapot
Interior of a house with teapot and cups

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