Venice: costume concept

We are going to the Carnival in Venice again in February. I lost count how many times I’ve been but it must be about 8 times. This time I wanted a sleeker silhouette for our costumes: no big hoop skirts, but long slender skirts and big puff sleeves. Much like the turn-of-the-century fashion of the 1900s. I googled for images and below you find some drawings and prints from old magazines.

Fashion high class 1892
I love the puff sleeves, muffs and (fake) fur edges of the lady on the right.
Puff sleeves and sleek skirts
A graceful lady from around 1903. I love her capelet.
A graceful lady from around 1903. I love her capelet.
Winter fashion 1903-1904
Fanning skirts, muffs and capelets from around 1903.
Taken from The Family Friends of 1893
Puff sleeves and outer corselet.

Our theme this time is ‘Winter Czars’. Some of our men will go with the military look, without the swords, other will go with a more traditional folk look with long overcoats. We purchased the fabrics in Paris last Summer.

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