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Mijn naam is Daniëlle. Ik werk vier dagen in de week als secretaresse aan een universiteit en daarnaast geef ik yogales, maar mijn grootste passie is fotografie. In mijn tienerjaren kreeg ik mijn eerste camera en sindsdien heb ik altijd gefotografeerd. Naast fotografie hou ik ook erg van kunst, kostuums, koken en reizen. In 2011 ben ik begonnen met Miksang Contemplatieve fotografie, een kunstvorm die in het Shambhala boeddhisme zijn wortels heeft. Bij contemplatieve fotografie gaat het om puur waarnemen, ik vertel er onder het tabje ‘Everyday Art’ meer over. Het leven kan voor mij heel simpel zijn: ik ben blij wanneer ik na een wandelingetje in de buurt met een paar ‘mooie’ foto’s thuis kom. In 2015 ben ik naast mijn werk als zzp’er begonnen in de yoga en fotografie. Via mijn werk heb ik reeds een aantal opdrachten gekregen, daar laat ik wat van zien onder ‘Portfolio’. Samen met Kees de Witt Wijn heb ik een aantal workshops opgezet in yoga, meditatie en contemplatieve fotografie.

City trip: Botanical garden Amsterdam

During my holidays I went to the Hortus of Amsterdam, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. The ‘Hortus Medicus’ as it was formerly known, was founded in 1636 as a herb garden […]


Etsy: Blue abstract with shapes and drips

Like I posted earlier this week I decided to upload some watercolor pieces to my Etsy shop. I had them scanned professionally at a renowned company here in Amsterdam. Apart from the watercolors I also […]


Etsy: Watercolours in the webshop

After much consideration I decided to upload the watercolors I made in 2019 to my Etsy shop. I had them scanned in professionally and had ordered 10 art prints of each. I was planning to […]


IJmuiden: a whole lot of ropes

IJmuiden, we keep coming back to it for the hustle, the bustle, the fresh fish, and other nautical elements. This is a series on fishing nets and ropes, they were just sitting there in piles […]


IJmuiden: a whole lot of rust

We went to IJmuiden the other day on our motorcycle. IJmuiden is a Dutch harbor town with lots of activity, ships, fish markets and other nautical elements. We found a spot where old anchors were […]


Venice in series: our costumes

And finally, please let me show you our costumes! We put a lot of time and effort in making them and turned out beautifully! In the end our group was quite large, 10 people, and […]


Venice in series: patterns

Another field of perception of which you can shoot dozens of images, is the field of pattern. Patterns are all around us especially in cities and towns; look at facades, streets and pavements, door and […]


Venice in series: reflections

I usually take a lot of photographs, especially when I am on a day outing of on travel. So returning from Venice was no difference: I had taken a ton of pictures with my cell […]


Venice in series: laundry

Last week I got back from Venice and one of the things that struck me was that people still hang their laundry outside to dry. It’s a sight you rarely see in a city like […]