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Slow Art Party: Encircle

This week’s shape in the Slow Art Party was Encircle. You can clearly see why Amy choose this word for this shape. We just made simple brush strokes in watercolour in a circular movement and […]


Slow Art Party: Rise

This week’s pattern in the Slow Art Party hosted by Amy Maricle was Rise. We just made elongated brush strokes in watercolour in either a straight or wavy line very slowly. Her brush would usually […]


Fodder School October: Making fodder with Tiffany Simply Sharpe

I caved in, I signed up for Fodder School after seeing lots of pictures of awesome flowers like the photo above. I was sure I was not going to sign up for a year long […]


Etsy: Blue abstract with shapes and drips

Like I posted earlier this week I decided to upload some watercolor pieces to my Etsy shop. I had them scanned professionally at a renowned company here in Amsterdam. Apart from the watercolors I also […]


Etsy: Watercolours in the webshop

After much consideration I decided to upload the watercolors I made in 2019 to my Etsy shop. I had them scanned in professionally and had ordered 10 art prints of each. I was planning to […]


Week 1: Patterns

Ik heb meegedaan aan de zesweekse The Kick Art E-beat course van Marenthe Otten. Tegen de tijd dat je dit leest is de cursus al voorbij; de cursus zo intensief was en ik besteedde er […]


Finished painting: Seeping through

I have the goal to finish a couple of paintings this Summer and this is the third: Seeping through. It’s mixed media canvas board, 40 x 40 cm and I just love every inch of […]


Finished painting: Galaxy

Galaxy: acrylic paint, ink, netting and tissue paper on canvas board, 40 x 50 cm The second painting I have finished this Summer is called Galaxy. It started out as a very colourful piece on […]


Finished painting: Necklace

Necklace: acrylic paint and ink on canvas board, 40 x 50 cm Momenteel volg ik de online lessen over abstract schilderen bij Creative Bug en die inspireren mij om buiten mijn schetsboeken te schilderen zoals op canvas bord. Ik had […]