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drp downloadable eco prints

Yesterday I published the downloadable eco prints in my Etsy shop. Last year I experimented with eco prints for the first time after a bouquet of flowers that was gifted to me started wilting. I had seen many photos on the internet and tutorials on YouTube and I wanted to give it a try. I will describe the process more elaborate in a different blog post, but if you’re curious right now you can find my posts on Instagram right here and here.
Right below you’ll find two images of the prints that I selected for the downloadable file. I actually made a lot more, but not every sheet turned out as spectacular as these five.

drp eco print tulips
eco print white tulips and blue agapanthus
drp eco prints overview
eco prints overview

The images below are the actual scans of the selected prints.

drp eco dyed white tulips
white tulips

Can you believe these were white tulips? I guess the yellow hue comes from the stamens.

drp ecodyed flowers tulips and agapanthus
white tulips and blue agapanthus
drp eco dyed lilies
dark violet lilies

The thing is with eco dying or printing is that you never know how the prints will turn out. Like above for example: I used dark violet lilies on the bottom, but you don’t see any of that in the print.

drp eco dyed purple lilies
dark violet lilies

Same here. By itself the print is awesome, but it looks more like a leaf print than that of dark a violet flower.

drp eco dyed purple lilies and other flowers
purple lilies and other flowers

I love the pop of orange in the last print, it gives the image a joyous feeling.
The advantage of a printable is that after ordering you can download the images immediately and print them on your home printer or at a local printshop nearby. You could frame these prints and hang them on your wall, or use them in art journals, collages, cards or whatever your creative outlet is.
Go to the eco prints here.

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